The projects on this site were created by students in Professor Nancy Rose Marshall’s FIG-course, “Historical Representations of London.”

What is a FIG?

A First-Year Interest Group (FIG) is a “learning community” of about 20 students who are enrolled in a cluster of three classes that are linked by a common theme. The main seminar course of each FIG enrolls only those 20 students and is taught by a faculty member who integrates into that class appropriate content from the other two classes linked to the cluster.

FIG 56: Historical Representations of London, Fall 2012

The students in this fig enrolled in Art History 102: “Historical Representations of London”, History 120, “Europe and the Modern World 1815 to the Present”, and English 168, “Introduction to Modern Literature since 1900.”

From the time of the Industrial Revolution, London became not only the largest city in the world, but also, as a result of its status as the capital of an expanding empire, the driving force behind the configuration of much of the globe as we know it today. Considering the ways in which this city was simultaneously understood as the quintessential example of modernity and as the site of the primitive and the monstrous provides a productive lens for exploring representations and definitions of the modern more generally. We will examine London as a location of extremes between wealth and poverty, modern definitions of masculinity, femininity, and the queer, and changing definitions of race in the period of 1750-the present. Objects of study will include paintings, advertisements, video art, movies, diaries, novels, and poetry.

To learn more about FIGs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, visit: http://figs.wisc.edu/


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